How to Make A Homemade Pregnancy Belly Casts

A tummy cast is a sculpture of a expecting mother’s abdomen created of plaster. If you want to know how to make a homemade tummy cast this article will tell you all there is to it. Comprehending how to make a homemade belly casts for pregnant women isn’t tough.  When you start you have to make sure that you have the necessary raw material. Someone should be around to help you, for ground and chair covers you should use a drop rag, a shower curtain, and/or a plastic table cloth.

Cover the pubic area with a towel, or wear old pants, petroleum jelly or a similar lubricant, a pan of tepid water, and plaster gauze fragments that are cut between six and twelve inches. Any local craft shop will have a stock of these and you will required around five packs.

After purchasing all the materials for your homemade belly cast, cover the carpet of the work corner with plastic sheets. You will want to remove any jewelry you may be wearing and remove your clothing till the pubic area, which you will want to cover with a dry towel or wear a pair of old pants.

Make sure that you are relaxed since the complete process can take approximately an hour or longer. Put the lubricant to the parts you want the gauze strips to cover. Next, the assistant must immerse a gauze strip in the water, and while still holding onto it and holding it straight, drain off any extra water by sliding their fingers down the strip.

While making a homemade belly cast, the assistant must begin at the top of the section you want included in the mold, and plain out the strips over the skin in overlapping layers, which add strength to the mold. Make sure your assistant chooses appropriate lengths for each area and works very quickly because the plaster will dry fast.

The tummy plaster must set for about half an hour to dry completely. After thirty minutes ask your assistant gently take off the cast off your stomach and let it dry for the next one or two days.

When your homemade tummy cast is completely set you can leave it as it is or personalize it with several things like paint, mosaic tiles, stickers, etc. It’s up to you to personalize it any way you want. Hang it in your bedroom or in the nursery, place it on a table, or make it the focal pointmake it the highlight in the baby’s room. Now that you know how to make a homemade belly cast for pregnancy what are you waiting for?